Research lies at the core of our consortium. We collaborate with researchers across the University of Edinburgh and beyond to better understand, refine, and develop Africa's private sector. We also offer a best-fit approach to corporate growth strategies for Africa's sustainable development.

How can firms compete in emerging markets in a responsible manner?

Professor Kenneth Amaeshi discusses his research into corporate social responsibility and Africapitalism

Private sector development in Africa

This thematic area focuses on factors, actors, issues, and institutional arrangements necessary for creating an enabling environment for different businesses to thrive and scale in Africa.

Trade, investments, and enterprise growth strategies in Africa

This thematic area seeks to understand, interrogate, and respond to different patterns of international and intra-Africa trade on the continent.

Responsible business practices in Africa

The emphasis here is to investigate and interrogate responsible/ethical business practices for economic, social, and environmental development in Africa.

Digitalisation, analytics, technology, and innovation

This research stream focuses on the broad area of science and technology, and how African businesses can be scaled leveraging science and technology.

Business, entrepreneurs, and society in Africa

This stream focuses particularly on philosophies (and worldviews) underpinning business models and activities in Africa.

The private sector and sustainability transitions in Africa

In this stream, we explore the demands for sustainability transitions in Africa and how businesses in Africa are adjusting to these demands.

The informal economy and non-state governance in (urban) Africa